Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of stainless steel does our sink use?

All our stainless steel sinks are created with 304 Series Stainless Steel. 304 Series or “surgical grade”
stainless steel is non-porous, hygienic, rust-free and extremely durable. This premium grade of stainless
steel is considered to be the best formulation for residential sink manufacturing.

What does the gauge of the stainless steel mean?

The gauge is the thickness of the stainless steel. An easy rule of thumb is, the lower the number of the
gauge, the thicker and better the stainless steel. Therefore, 18 gauge is better than 20 gauge.

What does chrome-nickel content mean?

Chrome-Nickel content refers to the percentage of chrome and nickel in the stainless steel. Chrome gives
the stainless steel its luster & durability, while the nickel is for the hardness & strength. 18/10 Stainless
Steel means it contains 18% Chromium or Chrome and 10% Nickel. A sink with an 18/10 chrome-nickel
content is considered to be an excellent grade, due to its corrosive resistance and greater durability. All our
sink models are 18/10.

What kind of finish does our stainless steel sinks have?

Our stainless steel sinks have what is called a satin polished finish. This elegant finish creates an
enduring, easy-to-clean luster that is impervious to water stains and calcium deposits. The satin polished
finish is created by performing numerous hand and machine buffing operations that produce a beautiful

What kind of undercoating is applied on our Stainless Steel sinks?

Sound deadening pads are installed on all models to eliminate unwanted sounds, such as the garbage
disposal growl.