36" Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Gabiano Series with Wall Mounted Mirror SBF8809-Suneli 8809
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36"Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Set 8809-Hot Sell Item (#150401289943)
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Model #         : SBF8809 - Suneli 8809

Listing Price : 3434

Item Description : Bathroom Vanity Gabiano Series

    Wall Mounted Mirror :         
           33 7/16" (Wide)  x 23 5/8" (High)
    Artificial Stone Top Sink-White, all-in-one. Drilled for single-hole
    faucet :                                                               
           35 7/16" (Wide)  x 18 1/8" (Deep) x 7 1/16" (High)  
    Bottom Base  :                      
           35 7/16" (Wide) x 18 1/8" (Deep) x 31 1/2" (High)
    Color:   WA-Walnut
    Faucets, drains and mounting rings not included

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